Wireless Broadband

People are more on the go and there is a need for a wireless solution. Working from home or spend more time out of the office with clients or suppliers. With Wireless Broadband the user can stay connected 24 hours day where ever they may be.

GPRS (General Packet Radio Services)

Set up GPRS and you're always on line.
Access VPN or the internet
Get data transfers of up to 44kbits/sec.

EDGE (Enhanced Data for Global Evolution)

Set up GPRS and you're always on line.
Edge delivers broadband data speeds to mobile devices up to five times faster than conventional GPRS

3G (UMTS - Universal Mobile Telecommunications System)

UMTS is better known as 3G (is so called "third-generation")
Allows live broadcast, video clips and e-mails to be transmitted faster over cellular networks.


HSDPA is a 3G enhancement that delivers superior access speed.
Comparable with wireless LAN service but with the benefit of mobility.

Ultra-ISP can supply the following packages for your normal Cell wireless connectivity; you will pay same rate as what you will pay at Vodacom or MTN.
So why not then go to the cellular network and apply with them. Simply put, we offer services and support in regards to the internet.