The cheapest wireless broadband in town!

Get the Playa package with no modem at R149 a month.

iBurst Wireless

     Packages     Included Bandwidth Monthly Cost
    Month To Month 24 Month Contract
    No Modem Laptop / USB Modem Desktop Modem Webfone includes calls
FreeFlo 10MB R 0 N/A N/A N/A
KickStart     40MB R49 R69 R89 R189
Playa 500MB R149 R169 R189 R289
Giga     1GIG R199 R219 R239 R339
Pro 3GIG R449 R469 R489 R589
Extreme     5GIG R599 R619 R639 R739
Addict 10GB R999 R1,019 R1,039 R1,139

iBurst Bandwidth Booster

     BANDWIDTH BOOSTER Extra Data Cost
Pay-per-use 1MB R0.95
Boost 100 100MB R79
Boost 500 500MB R149
Boost 1000 1000MB R199
Boost 3000 3000MB R 499

iBurst Value Added Services

Hosted Mail Service - 1 Mailbox - 5 aliases @ 10MB limit (per month) R29
Hosted Mail Service - 5 Mailboxes - 5 aliases @ 10MB limit (per month) R99
Hosted Mail Service - 10 Mailboxes - 5 aliases @ 10MB limit (per month) R179
Domain Registration & Hosting - Activation fee R199
Domain Registration & Hosting - Monthly fee including 5 mailboxes R118
Domain Registration & Hosting - Annual fee to registration authority R110
Static IP (monthly fee)   *note3 R199
PC Security Suite (monthly fee) R12
Virtual Fax (monthly fee)   *note4 R30
Virtual Fax - Vouchers R50/R100
iB Sure - Credit Life only (monthly fee)   *note5 R27.50
iB Sure - Modem (monthly fee)   *note5 R22.50
iB Sure - Combined Credit Life + modem (monthly fee)   *note5 R40
iCall - VoIP Telephony (monthly fee)   *note6 R50
iCall - VoIP Telephony - Vouchers R100/R200


  1. Data carried over to the following month will be limited to the monthly data allocation for which the customer has signed up, and/or the amount of any Bandwidth Booster purchased by the customer in that month. (not applicable to iBurst HSDPA customer)
  2. Pay-per-use data billed in 1MB increments rounded up to the next MB. Opt out on iBurst Wireless and iBurst ADSL is allowed.
  3. Static IP is not available on ADSL and HSDPA.
  4. A complete fax rates schedule can be viewed at www.iburst.co.za
  5. Insurance options covering hardware and contracts. Not available on ADSL and HSDPA.
  6. The monthly fee includes free call to other iCall subscribers. Not available on ADSL and HSDPA.