Founded in 1997, Kaspersky Lab is an international information security software vendor. Kaspersky Lab is headquartered in Moscow, Russia and has regional offices in the UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Japan, China, Korea, Romania and the United States. Further expanding the company's reach is its large partner network comprising over 500 companies globally.
Kaspersky Lab products are certified by West Coast Labs and regularly receive awards from leading IT publications and testing labs. In 2003 we received the Microsoft Gold Certified Partner status for Security Solutions. Kaspersky Lab is also a proud partner of SUSE and Red Hat. Experts from Kaspersky Lab are active in IT associations such as CARO (Computer Anti virus Research Organization) and ICSA (International Computer Security Association).
Kaspersky Lab provides downloadable removal tools, product upgrades, antivirus and antispam databases, extra secure databases and product documentation on our website. You can also try any of our antivirus software products free for 30 days.

Antivirus Software: Free 30-Day Trials

It is always a good idea to try before you buy. You can download free trial software versions of our antivirus software solutions and decide which product fits your requirements. Our trial versions are valid for 30 days.

Antivirus database updates

In this section you can manually download the latest antivirus databases for your antivirus software and find out about the different antivirus updates currently available. You can also read about the different methods of updating antivirus databases - both for individual PCs and for centralized updates across networks.

Free Virus Removal Tools

Kaspersky Lab reacts proactively to all new threats. Occasionally there are viruses that require special treatment. In such cases we provide malware removal tools for each specific virus.

Kaspersky Software Product Downloads

All current product downloads are located in this section: product upgrades, patches and documentation.

Software Documentation

For your convenience, product documentation is also available in a separate section, listed according to product.

Extra database options

Some people prefer to be extra sure. Our standard antivirus databases protect you from all viruses. However, if you want additional protection from other threats such as riskware, pornware and other illegal programs, this section is for you.