Dial Up

We offer you access to the internet from anywhere in South Africa with our 086 access number. This means that no matter where you are in South Africa, you will only pay a local call to the internet
Internet available during Telkom calls more hours 7:00pm to 7:00am during week days and full access during weekends. This means that between those hours no matter how long you stay online, you can surf the internet, or use your e-mails for only R7 maximum per dial-up call, as long as you are registered with Telkom's call more.

Connecting at 56Kbps through a analogue telephone line, our unlimited access keeps the cost down for heavy internet users. Just one low fixed monthly fee provides you with the luxury of unlimited access to the internet and E-mail. International roaming available to all Visual Tours dial-up.

ISDN Access dial-up option provides you with unlimited access via an ISDN line to give your business the speed and flexibility it needs. ISDN Access provides you with improved download times on the internet at either 64Kbps or 128Kbps speeds respectively as well as new functions and services on the already existing digital telephone exchange. International roaming available to all Visual Tours dial-up.

Dial Up Options

Product Mail Boxes Price p/m
56k Dial Up (Internet Solutions) 3 R56.00
64k ISDN (SAIX) 3 R89.00
128k ISDN (SAIX) 3 R128.00