Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) is a makes it possible for anordinary telephone lines to reach speeds up to 1024kbps (over 18 times that of a dialup connection). It is an connectivity technology that transmits data at high bandwidth on existing copper telephone lines to homes and businesses.
The ADSL system makes us of your existing telephone line and splits thesignal into voice communications and high data speed connection. Simply put, you can stay connected to the internet 24/7/365 and still receive your voice calls without interruption to the service.
Being asymmetric (downstream is higher than upstream), it means that ADSLuses most of the channel to transmit downstream (refers to the flow of information from requested information resource to your PC) to the user and only a small part to receive information from the user.

Requirements for ADSL


SAIX (Telkom) is currently the only ADSL provider in South Africa.

    Line Option Available from Telkom

  • 384K line - used by most home users.
  • 512K line - for business and home users who need faster ADSL access speed.
  • 1M line - for those who need an even faster ADSL access speed.
  • 4M line - for those who need the fastest ADSL line available. Users who needs to Download or Upload information at the fastest ADSL speeds available in South Africa

ADSL Modem

Any Modem/Router that supports South Africa's ADSL standard.

IS your exchangeDSL enabled?

To check if you can apply for ADSL, click on the above link to check if yourarea has ADSL capabilities.

How to Choose the right Package and Line for you.

    When choosing your Package and ADSL line, you need to consider thefollowing:

  • Does my ISP offer the connection speed that supports my ADSL line.
  • Can I upgrade or downgrade my account at any time.

Order ADSLLine from Telkom

Ensure you receive your order number when applying for you ADSL Linefrom Telkom. You will need the order number to activate your ADSL lineyourself. Telkom charges a call out fee to come out and activate the Line.
Contact us for free advice and assistance, acquiring and activatingyour ADSL line from Telkom and setting up your modem router.
We are based inParow, Cape Town and charge a maximum call out fee of R150 (payable onarrival) for Northern suburbs or 50km radius. Clients further than the50km radius (Western Province only) will be charge a maximum call out fee ofR300 payable on arrival) depending on distance traveled.