We have a range of ADSL packagesavailable from Internet Solutions. We have a total of 14 options for ADSL viaSatellite each with free local bandwidth included.
With the high demand for access speed. Our ADSL via fiber offers users a widevariety of options to our clients. This service is for those where speed is anabsolute necessity.

Capped ADSL via Satellite From Internet Solutions

With possible speeds of up to 512kbs downstream and 256kbs upstream, an ADSLservices is aimed at the smaller SOHO and SME markets. This service is measuredon bi-directional traffic usage. This service is permanently connected to theinternet and carries a fixed monthly charge. The initial cap (eg. 1GIG + 9GIGlocal - 1GIG being the initial cap) is based on both local and internationalbrowsing. When the initial cap is reached, only local servers (websites) can beaccessed thereafter. Top up's available @ R69 per 1GIG. Additional mail boxes atR20.00 per box.

Capped ADSL via Fiber From Internet Solutions

To compliment the ever popular IS ADSL service. IS brings to you ADSL FIBER.This is the result of the increasing demand for faster response and improvedreliability. The NEW ADSL from IS running on the fibre network is much fasterthan our the current ADSL. We now have more cap options available. IS will notrestrict your Telkom determined line speed. With the increased speed, we areglad to announce that the service is available at an even lower cost than ourstandard ADSL.